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Common Heat-galvanized Wire 6# -18#:
Mainly used for: welded wire mesh, crochet mesh and barbed wire etc. Galvanized layer is 50-90g/m2.

Common Cold-galvanized Wire 6# -16#:
Mainly used for: welded wire mesh, crochet mesh and barbed wire etc. Galvanized layer is 15-25g/m2.


Passivation Wireused for Telecommunications 6# -18#:
Mainly used for:out-of-date telecommunications line, because it has good antisepsis ability, so its service life is 2-3 times than common heat-galvanized wire. Galvanized layer is 250-280g/m2.

Direct-line Type Heat-galvanized Wire 6# -18#:
Mainly used for: welded wire mesh, crochet mesh and barbed wire etc. Because its galvanized layer is higher than common heat-galvanized wire, it is 200+g/m2, so its service life is longer than common heat-galvanized wire.


Heat-galvanized Casting Wire Large Unit 6# - 16#:
  according to client’s requirements, our company could produce 400-900kg per unit. The large wire casting unit of our company obtained good reputation from Korean clients

Air-operated Gang Nail Wire:
Mainly used for decoration profession, its galvanized layer is 18-35g/m2.
Flower Wire:
Since the company established, enterprise’s history is over ten years, and experienced the growth of iron wire industry that means we have enough actual strength to stand tall and upright in this business. Trust that, the first step of co-operation, will bring double profit to you and us.